“In our youth obsessed culture, women are under tremendous pressure to stay competitive in the work place, be energetic, look refreshed and feel youthful, whatever their role in life. How we present ourselves to the world depends in part on how we feel which, in turn, is often affected by how we look.  My job is to help both women and men feel good about how they look so they can present their best selves to the outside world. My hope is to empower everyone who walks through my office doors.


Dr. Cynthia Lawder is a Board certified physician with over 20 years of experience in both primary care and emergency medicine.

She earned her medical degree in New York City and did her residency at UC Davis, where she received extensive training in dermatology and procedures. With the advancement of non-surgical facial aesthetics, she has incorporated Botox and Fillers into her practice, combining  the art and science of medicine. She frequently attends courses  by renowned experts to stay current on the latest developments in facial rejuvenation.