“The skin on my forehead and upper eyes had literally been dragging me down.

I was surprised that, after a Botox treatment with Dr. Cynthia Lawder, I not only looked more relaxed and happy but felt that way. All that pressure of the tight muscles on my forehead had been released. Aw… I just love it!”

~ Rebecca

“I come from a family of scowlers. A lifetime of scowling had left me with deep furrows between my eyes that made me look worried or mad even when I wasn’t. Whenever I looked at pictures of myself all I could see were the furrows and I thought they made me look angry and old. I hated them so much that I used to use photoshop to edit them out. Cynthia deftly used a combination of botox to stop the scowl and filler to eliminate the wrinkles and the space between my eyes is smooth and youthful. It looks completely natural. I recently went to my 30 year college reunion and I got lots of compliments. Many people remarked that I hadn’t changed a bit! And the best part is that I love pictures of myself now.

Cynthia is very knowledgeable and is so warm and welcoming that you feel comfortable immediately. I highly recommend her services.”

~ Arden

“All those beautiful, glowing, “healthy” tans of my wonderful youth, are now revisiting me. They reappeared as “grouch lines”. Lines on my skin that made my face FALSELY represent how I was feeling.  It is estimated that 80% of communication is through body language. People talk about reading someone’s face and the emotions on the face. Well my face, because of the many frown  lines, was no longer communicating effectively. When sitting happily, people would ask me what was wrong. This was a problem for me. Botox and fillers have made a significant difference in helping my face tell the story of how I really feel inside.

Now when I smile, the rest of my face smiles with me. When I am sitting in repose, I look just about as peaceful as I feel. My face once again is an instrument that helps  me communicate truthfully how I am feeling on the inside.

~ Susan

“My forehead area is awesome because, in addition to the smoothing of forehead lines, the Botox widens my eyes making me feel much more alert because you lifted my eyebrows. You are an artist and I am glad to be your canvas.”

~ Kelly

“I have always thought of myself as someone who would “age gracefully” –none of that artificial stuff for me. Then one day I was painstakingly repairing and refinishing an antique mirror when the realization hit. Why was I so motivated to show off this beautifully framed mirror, one of hundreds of my possessions,  in its best light when I wasn’t willing to do the same for myself? 

Beauty is only skin deep but for me it is reflective of how I feel. People had begun asking if I was sick or tired when I felt great. Unfortunately, my reaction to this was that I began feeling that way. After seeing the frown lines on my face when I was glowing inside, I decided to try Botox and fillers.  Dr. Lawder was amazing and listened to just what I wanted. What was surprising to me is not only did I look happier and more relaxed, I felt that way from the inside out. I think it is because the skin on my forehead and been physically sliding down, dragging my mood down. When those muscles were released and relaxed, I actually felt bright eyed and bushy tailed.”

~ Katy